ENCORE GPS tag + 5 years data

The ENCORE GPS tag is a battery-powered tag that allows you to track durable outdoor assets for 5 years.  Simply activate the tag with the push of a button, afix it to your asset, and then use our online dashboard and phone app to keep track of your assets.


Weather proof design makes this a great option for most putdoor applications.  The IP 64 enclose can handle dust, rain and snow, but not direct power washing.

ENCORE GPS tag + 5 years data

$430.00 Regular Price
$310.00Sale Price
    • Auto check-in/out inventory

    • One-click inventory audits

    • Pin-point GPS location anywhere

    • Integrated accelerometer

    • Multiple power modes set remotely

    • Up to 5+ year battery life

    • No installation required

    • 25% smaller than a deck of cards

    • Web and phone software

    • Integrates into your software